Dolphins at the Battery

Greyhope Bay’s ‘Dolphins at the Battery’ is a unique demonstration project that will bring the historic Torry Battery back to life.

The development will offer a panoramic viewing platform, exhibit and café that will allow visitors to connect with our natural and historic environment, explore an extraordinary local monument and establish Torry Battery as the site for our longer-term vision to deliver a world class marine experience centre and visitor attraction for Aberdeen.

Torry Battery is an historic monument that sits on an elevated position at the entrance to Aberdeen Harbour, offering a unique viewpoint of the city, harbour and beach and the perfect vantage point to view our local dolphins – the largest bottlenose dolphins found anywhere in the world.

The new facility will serve as a major new attraction for the city, a hub for the community and is certain to pull visitors from far afield rivalling the tens of thousands of visitors that visit Chanonry point on the Black Isle for dolphin spotting.

With a plan to deliver maximum impact at the lowest possible cost we propose to repurpose and site two shipping containers within Torry Battery and build a wider visitor experience with a unique window to the sea, outdoor decking, seating and art installations.

Using a pre-existing structure presents an opportunity to deliver a fully recyclable and sustainable unit in the immediate, leading by example and building an educational programme around the circular economy.

We are working to open in summer 2019 as a strategy that will demonstrate the benefits of this development at the earliest possible date, acting as a first phase to our long-term vision.

We are delighted to have secured full planning permission from Aberdeen City Council for the temporary viewing platform and with a six weeks construction period we are now ready to go.

The Greyhope Bay project will deliver real and sustainable environmental, educational and economic benefits to the north east of Scotland and the approach we are taking, through ‘Dolphins at the Battery’, will assist in optimising the way the project is developed and delivered.

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